Measuring Tips for Poly Bags, Sheeting, and Tubing

How to Measure a Poly Bag

  • FLAT TUBULAR – width x length x gauge 

  • TUBULAR POLY BAG WITH SIDE GUSSET – width x gusset open x length
(from seal to top of bag) x gauge
SIDEWELD POLY BAG – flat no flip – width x length x gauge
SIDEWELD POLY BAG – flat with lip – width x length + lip x gauge 

  • SIDEWELD POLY BAG – with lip and bottom gusset – width x length + lip + open bottom gusset x gauge

How to Measure Sheeting

  • SINGLEWOUND SHEETING– width x gauge (also ask put up in weight per roll)
DOUBLE WOUND SHEETING – same as above 

  • CENTERFOLD SHEETING– width (opening to two times width of CF) x gauge (clarify both the width of the sheeting roll and the total width of the sheeting). Ask if 54" for example, is 27" opening to 54" or 54" opening to 108".  CF should mean opening to 108". Double check to be sure the order is specified using this method to ensure accuracy.
SHEETS – PERF on rolls or individually cut? If perfed on rolls, get size of other dimension of sheet. SHOULD HAVE width x length of equiv. of cut sheet. Get quantity per roll and/or weight per roll.
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